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So some time has indeed passed since I last wrote...obviously. I… - bailey9877 [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Dec. 30th, 2006|11:36 pm]
[Current Location |the stix (home)]
[mood |bouncysexy bouncy]
[music |Madeline Peyroux]

So some time has indeed passed since I last wrote...obviously. I don't know exactly know how much time has passed since I made an entry and I'm far too lazy to go back one page and look. Why? because I'm at home in the "stix" and that would likely take 5 minutes to backtrack. Should it interest you, I've come a long way these past few months, actually that's a shit lie- I've been doing much about nothing. My life currently consist of finshing the things I"ve started over the passed few months. Japan Atelier went well, (ha) worst experience of my life, but in the end what really matters is that I get to go to Japan, hahaha. It's a subject I barely care to touch on for it's complete and utter disasterous nature through the course of the last semester and its abilty to pull down everything around it. In the end, I learned that people my age can be viably insane after watching people in the studio go through the motions. Ohh, also I've had plenty of good affiliation with the Ombud through the studio too! In good news, all sorts of fun new things are ahead for the big 2007- a year I'm counting on to be lucky for exactly 5 reasons, 1) 2006 was quite possibly the worst year I've been through thus far 2)I'm collecting business tools 3)architecture school is closer to being over with, 4)7 is obviously a lucky number 5)2006 has a 6 in it which is not a good number according to conservatives and the pope.

So this is the new year? Hoo-fuckin-rah! I don't think there's a song sadder than Auld Lang Syne. (sp?) Not only does it signify the ending of an era, one more year passed as away to count the emotions and moments passed, but for some people it's an opportunity to close a door on a make believe time frame or way to start over. I realize many people need that make-believe assurance that an era has passed in their lives so they can begin to move forward again. In essence you can virtually start over whenever you please. On another hand, it also signifies all the great things there are to come in what a new year could hold. The hands on a clock hit marks every second, of every day, of every year, but this one second means everything to so many. It affects me too, I can't deny it. Nothing has ever been as beautiful as the passing of time, with it comes the chance for something better and the leaving of another year behind. So, when those hands hit 12:00am January 1 2007, I'm going to be looking forward to not only being completely schwasted that night, but also what's to come.

my resolution? too write in this journal more often...